Available in Brushed Nickel

  • We can refinish almost any chrome items that we sell, including bath feet, taps, standpipes, waste kits, shower parts, accessories, radiator valves, furniture handles, WC seat hinges and WC pipe kits in brushed nickel.
  • Items that may be difficult or impossible to replate in brushed nickel include shower enclosures, shower screens and most but not all radiators.
  • Flexible shower hoses, wirework baskets, some screw heads and some WC cistern brackets are either impractical to brush or are made of alloys that are damaged by brushing. In these cases the parts are left as polished nickel but this does not detract from the overall effect.
  • Engraving on items, e.g. brand logo's on accessories or 'H', 'C' engraved onto metal shower valve backplates can become fainter as a result of stripping chrome off the item, replating in nickel, polishing and brushing.
  • Brushed nickel should be cleaned with soap and water, do not use abrasive or chemical cleaners on nickel plated items.
  • We guarantee all our brushed nickel plating for 10 years providing it is cared for as instructed.

Pricing and Availability

  1. Items with no price for nickel or brushed nickel are priced for chrome, ring or email for a quote for these items (click through to product page to see nickel prices).
  2. Nickel and brushed Items with no stock level shown take 2 to 3 weeks for replating and delivery and are special order items.
  3. Items showing stock levels, including 0, are not special order items. When in stock these take 2 to 5 working days to deliver, when out of stock 2 to 3 weeks.