Painted Bathroom Furniture

Matt White Burlington bathroom furniture - freestanding, wall-hung and fitted furniture, mirrors and bath panels all professionally spray painted with Farrow and Ball, Little Greene and Fired Earth luxury, quality paints. As recommended by Burlington..

Over 500 Quality Paint Colours to Choose From!!

When we paint your Burlington traditional bathroom furniture with eggshell water and knock resistant paints from these leading, quality brands it will come to you with a depth of colour and exquisite matt finish that will make you want to sit on the bathroom floor just to spend time with it. It's that good.

How We Paint your Burlington Traditional Bathroom Furniture
The matt white surface of the Burlington traditional furniture is suitable for painting onto directly. When we paint it we expertly spray 3 top coats in total. After the first two coats the surface is matted down - that is, it is rubbed down all over with fine abrasive paper by hand to provide a fine and even surface. then a third and final topcoat is applied to give a smooth and even, richly coloured and finely painted surface.

Painted bathroom furniture units are special order items.

How To Order Painted Bathroom Furniture
The easiest way is the old fashioned way, ring us on 0113 2360214 and we can take your order over the phone. Alternatively just place the order on the web site choosing the 'painted exterior' finish option and we will contact you within 24 hours to take your choice of colour and arrange a delivery day. No money will be taken from your card until we have contacted you and confirmed all the details of your order.